Day 2 – The Goal

I’ve recently been doing a lot of reading. Sometime in the middle of last year I signed up to Medium, just like I how sign up for tons of other blogs and newsletters but never really open every mail. Most of the time, I’m too lazy even to unsubscribe to them. But Medium has me […]

Change visa rules? OkThanksBye UK!

Almost two and a half years ago, when I had a choice to either stay back in India to finish my degree or choose to do another two full years in the UK, I happily chose the latter for more reasons than one. It was not just the prospect of having a ‘foreign degree’ (that […]

First Food Review

I was invited a few days ago to do my first ever food review at the Ganesha Utsav which takes place every year at the A.P.S College Grounds in Basavanagudi, Bangalore. I’ve written about Politics, Sports and most prominently Travel and Photography clubbed together but there’s always a first time to everything, no matter how […]

Hop, Skip and Trip!

Well almost close to tripping, if you actually trip from the trippy place, you’ll fall into another small not-so-trippy place, but still trippy enough to get you trippy! Yes, I was referring to Gokarna and the small town happens to be a place called Karwar, just an hour from the Goa border on one side […]