Day 2 – The Goal

I’ve recently been doing a lot of reading. Sometime in the middle of last year I signed up to Medium, just like I how sign up for tons of other blogs and newsletters but never really open every mail. Most of the time, I’m too lazy even to unsubscribe to them. But Medium has me hooked. It’s got me to do this! It is actually making me want to start writing. For this, I’m ready to sacrifice an extra hour of sleep, so I can wake up and make this a habit.

Photo by Alejandro Escamilla:

While discovering awesome content and writers on Medium, I came across Jeff Goins. It was on Facebook actually that I found his ‘500 words a day challenge’. Now I’ve read a lot of these but somehow, this was the tipping point. Till now I’ve been reading about writing, preparing to do it but I never really sat down to doing it. Until today. This is huge for someone like me who can find excuses out of nothing and return to being the king of procrastination, but today I made that jump and I can’t wait to write regularly.

My challenge today is to make a plan. To write down a goal that I want to accomplish by writing everyday for next 30 days. I’ve always been afraid of plans. I make lots of them in every sphere but I’m barely known for my execution and I’m hoping this little exercise everyday will change that. For the next month or so and continuing on from that, I want to become consistent in my writing. My primary goal will be to make sure I don’t stop writing at any point. My language might be repetitive, my topics might be boring and I may never read them again but I shall write. Once I get the practice to make it an everyday habit, I will focus on what I want to write about. And then I will focus on who I want to write for. I’ll give everything a shot. Cricket, football, politics, start up life, photography to start off with. There’s also another thing I’m really excited about — paying more attention. If I need to write on a regular basis, I’m going to be on the lookout for stories all the time. I’ll be making tiny notes all through the day, so I can wake up the next morning and wind something up from the pointers. I’m going to start seeing things differently, pay more attention to people, to conversations, even at boring office meetings, though that doesn’t happen very often. And by actually sticking to this plan, I hope it helps me execute better in work and other promises.

I’m still not confident enough, but I’ll get there if I keep doing this. I like it that this post sounds like more of a promise to myself and I better not fail my own test. If you’re reading this, please let me know in the comments section and maybe that’ll be my small win for the day. I have so many reasons to quit but an extra reason for me to keep writing will mean an extra point for me to deliver on this promise.


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